Commando Tactical/ Survival Knife


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12" Commando Tactical/Survival Military Knife is designed to perform variety of tasks with ease. 

The Tracker Knife is made out of one single spring steel (blade to handle) which can effortlessly chop, split, carve, score, scrape, notch, and drill wood, bone, and even antler. This is with blocker gripper handle so very easy to handle. It can be used to gut and skin an animal, then scrape the hide. 

Weight   2 lb 11.5 oz
Sheath weight  4.6 oz
Body Lenght   12 inches
Overall Lenght  21 inches
Belly/ Breadth  2.5 inches
Handle   7 inches
Handle circumference  4.75 inches

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Use knife maintenance/lubrication oil

This Product is handcrafted by "Kami' group in Kathmadu, Nepal. Kamis are the ethic group who primarily work with Metals. Unfortunately, They are considered lower caste and untochables in Nepalese Society which makes their survival more difficult.

Purchasing this product helps them to earn some bread for their family.

Fair trade commited.

25% of the profit goes to the children in Nepal for their school fees.