Buddha Biography Decor


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This piece of work depicts the story of Buddha from his birth, journey to the enlightenment, his teachings.

It has cylindrical shape, rounded top which opens symetrically as shown on the picture above. Left inside has "Dhyani Buddha" and right inside "Enlightened Buhha".

Right outside depicts the birth of Sidhartha Gautama "Buddha" where Mayawati (mother) holds a brach of the tree after giving birth and child walks seven steps right after his birth.

Left outside potrays Buddha and his deciples.

It contains the eight aupicious symbol in buddhism along with bajra on the round top.

Material : Resin

Weight : 1 lbs 11 oz

Lenght : 6.5 inches

Height : 5 inches

Circumference : 11 inches


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Soft cloth clean.

This is handmold craft by the ethnic group "Newar" in Kathmandu valley, Nepal. Their primary/traditional work is make arts and crafts using wood, clay, metal and other materials. 

Fair Trade commited.

25% of the profit goes to the children in Nepal for their school fees.